Stop Trying to be Perfect

We have all been there. We jump on to the diet bandwagon. We are determined. Set in our resolve to only eat the foods we are supposed to. Nothing fried or junky. And then we get caught up in a crazy day at work and find ourselves in a fast food line grabbing something that we can eat on the go because this is what we know. It’s not this routine that I want to attack today. It’s what we do after this process that I want to discuss.

So, we scarf down our sandwich, a bag of chips and chug our soda down on the way to our next meeting. About 15 minutes later, the guilt arrives. We start beating ourselves up and eventually we do that so badly that we talk ourselves out of trying to work on our eating habits at all.

Throwing in the towel after one little falter is typical because we are such a society of all or nothing. But this behavior only leads to our failure. We have to realize that we are not perfect. To expect to switch our eating habits and be perfect is just ridiculous.

Cut yourself some slack.

When you have a moment that you make a mistake or slide from the pedestal you have built for yourself, take a breath and realize that it is indeed just that: A moment. It’s not the end of the road. Heck, it’s not even a fork in your road. It is merely a bump. A small bump in your incredible journey.

What do we do when we falter? We get up, brush the dirt off and keep moving forward. That is what you do. Brush it off and keep moving forward. Don’t let the moments deter you from the bigger picture. It’s ONE meal. We have three each day. 21 per week. 84 per month. Over 1,000 of them each year.

When you are able, make them as healthy and nutritious as you can. The moments of weakness and poor choices don’t define you. Your ability to brush off and keep moving does.

Discussion: When you have made the decision to improve your health, do you find that you beat yourself up for every little slip up or do you celebrate the good moments (no matter how few they may be at first)?