Let’s Get Bendy

jshegrassOm Brew Yoga is a very unique yoga program that is the brainchild of two non conventional yogis. Shelah began working toward her RYT instructor training in 2012 and noticed quickly that the yoga world was missing out on a very unique and amazingly awesome dynamic – NORMAL people. Moms, Dads, teens, single guys, beer lovers, couch potatoes, the inflexible people of the world, people with a bit more fluff to their bods.

Once Shelah began teaching, her husband, Jeffrey noticed that the yoga community was missing out on a key element that HE loved most – FUN. Together, they saw a vision of a yoga experience that could be WELCOMING and FUN for every single person out in the big bad world. And while locked in the car together for several hours on a family road trip – Om Brew Yoga was born.

People often ask us what Om Brew Yoga is. It isn’t a style of yoga. It is however the attitude that we try to convey in all of our classes. We are passionate about yoga and how great it is for our health and well-being. We are also pretty passionate about enjoying the life that we have been given – so we combined the passion and the fun into one pretty kick ass way of getting bendy.

Om Brew Yoga was initially introduced to the area coupled with this couple’s other passion – Craft beer.

Introducing yoga in the area breweries was a way for us to disarm people. It allowed us to knock down some of the walls that people had up regarding what they thought yoga was or should be. You can’t possibly have an idea in your head about what you are supposed to think or feel about something if your initial experience happens at someplace completely unexpected.
We love people and we love helping people to open up their minds to new experiences. Being able to bring yoga to people in such a fun way has really been a dream for us.

Initially, when Shelah first experienced yoga, she was just starting her own health journey. She was well over 250 pounds at the time and yoga was a struggle physically as well as emotionally.

I knew that I needed yoga but that didn’t make it any easier to take that first step into the studio. I was intimidated. I cried on my mat – a lot. I felt like I didn’t belong and I didn’t deserve to be there. Reality is, I needed those classes and that experience just as much as anyone. I recall feeling invisible in the classes though, because the instructor would barely even look at me during the class. No alignment help. No suggestions to make things more comfortable. She just pretended that I didn’t exist.

That feeling of not belonging is exactly what Shelah has been striving to eliminate within the yoga community. She teaches in a light hearted and fun way and her passion for connecting with people really shines through in her classes, where there are often dancing breaks, beer breaks and high fives happening along with plenty of laughter.

Shelah is currently leading yoga practices throughout the South Florida area. Her classes all encompass her unique style of teaching and she welcomes EVERYONE in the door of each location where she is invited to teach. If you would like to come experience Shelah, Jeffrey and Om Brew Yoga, please check the calendar below. Each location offers its own unique experience so be sure to read the fine print.

Om Brew in the News

Our Om Brew Program just garnered national attention as a featured article on GM’s Drive the District site:

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We have been featured in the Sun Sentinel too!

Want to bring Om Brew to your Event or Facility?

Are you a facility owner/manager and think you would like us to bring our Om Brew Yoga program to your facility or event? We can make that happen. We work with you to handle all of the details like:

  • Event promotion
  • Payment collection
  • Event registration
  • Liability release forms
  • Music
  • Lead a high energy yoga class

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